Whole30: Week 2 Recap + Meal Plan

January 15, 2017

You guys!!!! I can’t believe I’ve made it half way to completing my first Whole30! Wohoo!! Well, technically tomorrow is the official half way point, but I’m still celebrating! This week was easier in some ways and harder in others. I truly didn’t have any cravings in Week 2, BUT I stopped being a hermit therefore temptation was stronger.

As previously mentioned, eating out is tough, but possible. My friend’s birthday dinner was my first real test. It was at a winery/restaurant, so the first hour and change was wine tasting time. I stood there with my water in hand explaining to everyone that No, I was/am not pregnant! Just doing Whole30!! For dinner I ordered the Ahi Tuna appetizer without any sauces, and then for my main entree I got a flank steak with broccoli. I did ask the waitress to make sure there was no dairy [i.e. butter], but the one bad part about eating out is that you truly don’t know how the food is prepared.

THEN, my brother’s favorite winery from Napa Valley flew into town to host a private wine tasting at his house. My bro is a big wino, so to say that this is his favorite means it’s really good sh*t! As tempted as I was, I declined the invite and stayed far far away! How’s that for dedication?!!

My only frustration right now is that I haven’t lost any weight! As in ZERO pounds!! I know weighing yourself during the program is a big No No, but I couldn’t help it and stepped on a scale yesterday. Obviously I still have a ways to go and I can certainly step up my work out routines, but to go two whole weeks without ANY grains, alcohol, or dairy [on top of other things] and not lose ONE POUND?!!! How is that possible?!!! I get that there’s more to Whole30 than weightloss, but I’m definitely gonna be annoyed if I don’t loose any L-B’s at the end of this.

At this point, there’s only two more weeks to go so I’m just going to continue on the plan and pray that I reap all the benefits from it.

And here is what I ate this week:

Whole30 week 2 meal plan


[B] eggs and spinach

[L] home made chicken salad with celery and red grapes [Tessemae’s Mayo]

[D] zoodles and lamb meatballs

[S] small apple with almond butter



[B] veggie omelette

[L] mixed greens salad with steak

[S] banana & almond butter

[D] Cauliflower & Kale Soup



[B] 2 eggs over medium with avocado

[L] Cauliflower & Kale Soup

[S] Lara Bar

[D] ahi tuna sashimi, flank steak, broccoli


[B] banana and 2 eggs

[L] taco salad

[D] salmon with brocollini over cauliflower “fried rice”



[B] fruit bowl with almond butter

[L] Sashimi & Salmon Roll wrapped in cucumber

[D] chicken thighs with mushrooms, salad, cooked carrots



[B] veggie omelette

[L] burger with brocollini and home made fries [Tessemae’s BBQ sauce]

[D] salad with grilled calamari



[B] spinach omelette, sweet potato, bacon

[L] arugula and brussel sprouts salad

[D] ahi tuna and avocado salad



[B] Matcha Water

[L] Chipotle salad bowl

[D] steak, kale chips


For those of you doing Whole30, what has been the hardest part for you?!! I’d love to hear how you handle eating out and other tough/tempting situations. Let me know in the comments below!


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