Tory Burch Package Giveaway

July 1, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been participating in several Giveaways with other bloggers.  If I’m being honest, there was a time when I was a little annoyed by how many Giveaways there were going on.  Literally my entire Instagram feed was Giveaway after Giveaway, so I took a little hiatus from them.  But then I thought, how cool is it to contribute and be apart of making someone’s day?!  The Winners are always picked at random so you really have as good of a chance as anyone else.  Last weekend I entered in a Loop Giveaway on Instagram AND WON A GOLD MACBOOK!!!!  So, not only did I get to be introduced to a ton of great bloggers and shops that I may have never found on my own, BUT I WON A COMPUTER!!!  It was the most amazing feeling ever!  I never win anything!!  So if I can make someone feel the way that I felt, then hey, I’ll participate in them as much as possible!

In this Tory Burch Package Giveaway, we are rewarding 3 precious readers/followers with a fabulous, authentic Tory Burch tote bag and wallet!  Each package is worth $590!  This Giveaway is open to International Contestants, but an International Winner will be responsible for shipping and custom fees.  Entrants must be 18+ years old to join.  You have 124 chances of winning if you follow all of the sponsors, so follow as many as you can!


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Good Luck!

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