The Best Bar Ever

April 3, 2015

Best Bar Ever

I’m super excited to share with you the story about The Best Bar Ever, as it is something I live and breathe every day.  So Casey and I were living in Long Island, New York, both working in the Healthcare/Medical Sales industries.  A former coworker of Casey’s had been reaching out to him from time to time [for about a year], trying to convince Casey to move down to North Carolina and be apart of his new company, Custom Fit Meals [a healthy meal prep and delivery service].  After seeing Casey come home day after day, exhausted and defeated after being in the Operating Room for hours, I gave him my blessing and the kick in the butt he needed to move us down South.

So fast forward, Casey and I [and now Harley] have been living in Charlotte for two and a half years.  While Casey and his partners were out building the meal business [which is currently available up the east coast from North Carolina to Boston], they were constantly sampling their homemade protein bar at gyms and events.  People went crazy for these bars and would almost always say, “this is the best bar ever,” which encouraged them to upgrade from a plastic ziplock baggy to actual packaging.  It was not their original intention to be in the protein bar industry as it is an over saturated market, but the people spoke [loudly], so Casey and his team decided to go for it anyway and did what they needed to do to make this bar available to all.  Naturally, “The Best Bar Ever” was the only name that seemed to make sense.

The Best Bar Ever is literally the most delicious tasting protein bar out on the market, but more importantly it is actually good for you.  The bar is made fresh [per order], from simple ingredients, in balanced proportions.  Unlike most protein bars that can sit on a shelf with long expiration dates, The Best Bar Ever has no preservatives and requires refrigeration.  It can go at most four-five days unrefrigerated, will last one month refrigerated, and at least six months frozen.  Casey and I prefer to keep ours in the freezer.  Currently, there is only one flavor called “The Original,” but they have a handful of flavors in research and development, and should be available in the near future.  This bar can be used as a healthy snack, meal replacement, pre workout, or post workout.  I personally eat it for breakfast, after a workout, a mid-day snack, or when I’m in the mood for dessert and need something to satisfy my sweet tooth…SOOOO basically I eat it all the time.

Casey has been busting his butt to get the word out about The Best Bar Ever, so we would truly appreciate your support!  To receive 20% Off, you can order here and enter CASEY at checkout.

Best Bar Ever Protein Bar

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