TeaMi Teatox Review

March 29, 2016


30 day teatox

I finished my 30 day detox with TeaMi just a few days ago and wanted to share my experience with you guys. It goes without saying, but just to play it safe, I will point out that I am in no way a medical doctor, health advisor, or expert of any kind in the medical field. I think most of us share similar goals in wanting to feel good, be healthy and look our best, so it’s always nice to hear people’s honest feedback on different health/fitness products and services.

The detox consisted of two different tea blends. Teami Skinny is the morning tea, taken every day for 30 days, preferably prior to eating breakfast. It is a loose tea, so you will need to get a tea infuser if you don’t already have some kind of strainer for loose tea. I really enjoyed this tea blend. It was very light, tasted delicious on its own. You can add lemon or honey if you prefer. I often drank multiple cups of this a day, using the same tea leaves from my morning cup. Just put 1 tsp of the tea in the tea infuser and add it to a cup of near boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. As I said before, it’s a really light blend that has no laxative effect. I didn’t feel an obvious spike in my energy like some of the reviewers noted, but I will say that I never felt like I had to crash mid to late afternoon, which I often felt prior to starting this detox. There were some mornings that I drank a cup of bulletproof coffee after my cup of tea. Drinking coffee while detoxing is not recommended since it can be dehydrating, but Casey and I have been drinking bulletproof coffees for the past 4 years and I just couldn’t resist when he would make it! I did drink tons of water throughout the day, which is ideal and good for your overall health whether you’re detoxing or not. Alcohol is something else you should probably stay away from while “detoxing,” but it was my birthday and friend’s bachelorette party during the 30 days, soooooooo I may have had a few alcoholic beverages here and there.

TeaMi Colon is taken every other night, starting from the second day of the detox. It comes in individual tea bags, so you don’t have to use the tea infuser for this blend. It isn’t as tasty as the Skinny blend, but it’s not horrible. I often added lemon and/or honey to this one. I’ve had plenty of other types of detox tea that were disgusting, and that was not the case with TeaMi Colon. As the website states,

“TeaMi Colon Cleanse Tea is used to purify the body from the inside out, cleansing the organs while simultaneously clearing the digestive tract of any toxins caused primarily by pollution, harsh chemicals and processed foods. Toxin build up in the colon can prevent you from proper nutrient absorption, which directly slows the digestion process and can negatively affect weight management. TeaMi Colon Cleanse rids the body of these unwanted toxins, strengthens your immune system, boosts metabolism and leaves you feeling better than ever.”

If I’m being honest, this tea did NOT have me feeling like rainbows and unicorns. At least not while it was doing its job and cleaning me out. Perhaps my stomach is super sensitive or maybe I had a heck of a lot of toxins to get rid of, but I would often be running to the bathroom early the next morning and felt multiple stomach attacks for about an hour…sometimes two hours. I work from home, so thankfully always had access to a nearby bathroom, but if I had to sit in morning traffic on the way to an office, there would have been problems. Major problems! I do know others who drank the Colon tea and were able to manage it while being at work the next day. The key is figuring out the time it takes for your body to react from it, so I would suggest either starting on a Friday or Saturday night [assuming you work Mon-Fri], OR drink the tea early in the evening, so it doesn’t effect you late the following day. If you are looking for something to help you go, this definitely works! While I hated my life during the moments I was stuck in the bathroom [and yes, I am being a little overdramatic], once my stomach settled down I was totally fine. And truthfully, if it was that bad, I wouldn’t have continued drinking it.

teami skinny detox

Overall I was satisfied with the 30 day detox. As mentioned in my first post, I generally eat a healthy diet that consists of lean meats, veggies, fruits, and healthy fats. I did have energy throughout the day and definitely felt lighter and less bloated. It would be impossible to know for sure that this was solely a result of this teatox considering there are so many variables, but I’m confident that the tea contributed to me feeling that way.

Some of the reviewers give full credit to TeaMi tea for dropping a ton of weight, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. It’s possible to loose a few pounds of water weight and excess “crap” [for the lack of a better word] from your body in a 30 day period, but based on everything I know and have read, I wouldn’t suggest using this as your primary source for weight loss. Again, I’m not a doctor, but in my opinion, safe and effective weight loss is accomplished by a combination of a healthy diet and exercise. Call me crazy!


I am going to reorder the detox and continue to use the TeaMi Skinny in the mornings and the TeaMi Colon as needed. I’m really interested in trying the TeaMi Relax blend to help me sleep, so will keep you all posted if I end up trying it! If you have tried any of the TeaMi products, I am really interested to hear your feedback as well! Feel free to comment below or you can always shoot me an email []. If you are planning on ordering any of the TeaMi blends, be sure to use code: JAIME10 for a special discount!

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  • Annie March 29, 2016 at 5:53 pm

    Okay so I also have this teatox at home and I basically stopped using it. The colon tea is the WORST and I can only handle it once a week, MAYBE twice a week. I’m still not sure how I feel about this whole thing. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Great review.
    xo Annie

  • jaime_cittadino March 29, 2016 at 6:13 pm

    Hey Annie! I totally hear ya! I honestly don’t know that I would have continued it if I worked outside of the home. Sometimes it wasn’t that bad and other times it was pretty rough!!

  • hailey August 15, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    I totally agree that using a detox tea with too much laxative in it can cause major issues in everyday life! I really don’t love teas like that! If you’re interested in checking out some other reviews check out my blog!!

  • Kay June 13, 2018 at 10:51 am

    Hi can you just drink the skinny it relax tea? Not the colon ? Thanks.