Summer Infant Baby Pixel™ 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor Review

March 27, 2018

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Summer Infant Baby Pixel Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Baby Pixel monitor, best baby monitor, baby monitor review by Jaime Cittadino of Sunflowers and Stilettos blog

Touchscreen Color Video Baby Monitor, best baby monitor

Baby Pixel™ 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor, Sunflowers and Stilettos motherhood blog, Florida Mom Blogger Jaime Cittadino

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Summer Infant Baby Pixel™ 5.0 Inch Touchscreen Color Video Monitor Review

I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it is to have a baby monitor that really works. I say this because Casey and I were so frustrated with the old [not Summer Infant] monitor we used to use for Harley when she was a baby. It was really expensive, had a horrible battery life, and the image was so blurry.

Not only does this Baby Pixel™ monitor work very very well, but it has so many awesome features. I love the large 5-inch color LCD screen, and the fact that it’s touch screen.

Probably the most unique feature is it’s SleepZone Virtual Boundary, which senses baby’s movement and alerts parents when the safety boundary is breached. By setting a boundary box around baby’s safe space, you’ll be alerted you when your child exits their immediate surroundings.

Elie doesn’t go in his crib often [he’s still sleeping in a bassinet in our room], however, we’ve been trying to put him in his crib for naps during the day when we can or when he cooperates. For now, having the SleepZone Virtual Boundary set helps me know when Miss Harley attempts to disrupt Elie’s sleep. She’s obsessed with her brother, and clearly doesn’t care how sacred nap time is! As he gets older and more mobile, it’ll be amazing to have this feature as he plots his escape out of the crib, or just gets too close to the bars.

There’s a 360Tilt™ Camera Steering that’s super easy to use. And, it has the option to be mounted to the wall!

Some other features I’m excited to use once we can get this little guy to sleep in his room is, the camera’s Moonlite™ Night Vision Boost that will gently light up its viewing area for a crisp, full-color view of Elie in the dark, the voice activated [VOX] screen wake up capability, and talk-back.

In the little time we’ve been using the Baby Pixel™, I truly am impressed! In fact, I can’t think of anything this monitor doesn’t do. It really has it all!

Summer Infant Baby Pixel monitor review, Sunflowers and Stilettos fashion and lifestyle blog

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