Stuck On You Fragrances

January 15, 2014
My dear friend, Tara started a company a little over a year ago that sells Perfume Oils called, Stuck On You Fragrances.  I have to say, I feel like a horrible friend for not trying the product earlier, in addition to understanding exactly what these perfume oils were all about.  At first I thought they were just similar scents or replicas of brand named perfumes, which is totally NOT the case! I have learned a lot from Tara and am going to copy and paste her “About Me” information below because it explains it really well.  Hey- if I can spend a fraction of the cost (starts at $14!!!!!!) for a higher quality product, I am a very happy girl.  I have ‘Type 209’ which is the exact perfume oil in Chanel Chance and smells amazing!!!  I 100%, without a doubt plan on getting a few more!  My “go to” scents are: Flowerbomb and Burberry (used to be Burberry London, but I was told that a few years ago the Burberry London formula was now the regular Burberry scent, and they changed the London formula to smell differently.  Weird, I know.)  Tara loves and wears Narciso Rodriguez Black, which is ‘Type 707.’
On Tara’s Facebook page, there is a long list of the different kinds she has for both men and women, and I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

Stuck On You Fragrances


“Stop spending your money on overpriced perfumes that wear off. These convenient, pure, 100% oils, allow you to own a variety of designer brand fragrance oils, not just one overly priced perfume that is majority alcohol or a filler. The bottles are so convenient, and even airplane approved!
The bottle is so convenient, while keeping you fresh wherever you go. The fragrances tend to improve with age (as long as not left in the sun). These fragrances are not “knock offs”. They are the name brand fragrances that you find in the store, but just pure oil with no alcohol or fillers, and a lot more affordable. The fragrances are 100% pure oils that last longer. These oils are top quality.
Stuck on You Fragrances are 100% Pure Perfume Oils that do not have any Alcohol, Water, or Fillers, so there is no concern of evaporation. The oils last forever in the bottle, and on your skin… It’s “Stuck on You!”
The Typical Breakdown of Department Store Perfume…
80% Alcohol and Fillers
20% Perfume Oil
Eau de Parfum
88% Alcohol and Fillers
12% Perfume Oil
Eau de Toilette
93% Alcohol and Fillers
7% Perfume Oil
Eau de Cologne
98% Alcohol and Fillers
2% Perfume Oil
Stuck on You Fragrances
100% Perfume Oil
Average shelf life for Perfume that contains alcohol and fillers, 2 years. Average shelf life for Pure Perfume Oil, 10 years.
Wearing Fragrances that contain Alcohol can cause itching, sneezing, and other allergic reactions. By wearing Pure Perfume Oil, you can eliminate those reactions.”
Perfume Oil
These perfumes are perfect gifts for friends, family, and yourself!  Honestly, I feel stupid ever spending $70+ on a bottle of perfume for myself or my husband, and going forward I will only be purchasing Stuck On You Fragrances!



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