So Profesh…In Attire, Not Photos.

April 25, 2013

Please bear with me.  I am horrible when it comes to technology and computers, so the fact that I have anything working properly on this site is Amazeballs.  It’s certainly a work in progress, so I appreciate your patience as I learn and figure things out.  With that being said, I realized today that I had a major problem.  My “photographer” (AKA my husband), is out of town for business, therefore, had to rely on the good ol’ selfie with my camera phone.  Cheese!!!

Sunflowers and Stilettos

I have been working from home since this past November, when Casey and I moved to Charlotte for his job.  That’s a whole other story that I’ll get into at a later date, but because of that, there can be days at a time that I hardly leave our home.  It certainly has its perks.  Luckily, I’m always busy so the days fly by.  I can hang out in sweats with no makeup on, try every hair and face mask that’s recommended on Pinterest, and I’ll embarrassingly admit that I’ve gone days without putting on a bra.  Like 4 days, which is so not okay.   But then I have mornings when I wake up and just need to get out of the house, at least to see fellow humans.  Plus, I like getting dressed up, even if I have no where to go.  Casey thinks its hilarious when I get decked out just to sit at Starbucks, but I think its perfectly acceptable.

Mixed Metal Statement Necklace

Sunflowers and Stilettos

Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

H&M Boyfriend Blazer (similar and similar),   Old Navy Tank,   BCBG Pants (love these and these, or a cheaper option),   Michael Kors Bag,   Michael Kors Watch,   Necklace (similar), Bracelet (love this or this cheaper version), BCBG Pumps (similar)

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