September Amazon Fashion Haul

September 8, 2020

September Amazon Fashion Haul, Amazon Fashion Fall Haul, Amazon Sweater, Amazon Leopard Sweater

I love it… September 1st comes around, and all of a sudden my Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of fall decor and talk of Pumpkin Spice Lattes.  The fact that it’s still 97 degrees for a lot of us means absolutely nothing because it’s (almost) “Fall Y’all!” Did I say that right? Haha! I’m a New Yorker, so I totally get the excitement.  Growing up on Long Island, I couldn’t wait to wear booties, cozy sweaters, moto jackets, and best of all…. leggings as real pants!

If you are on the market for new fall attire, I highly recommend you check out last year’s September Amazon Fashion Haul, as well as October’s.  I’ll be re-sharing a good majority of those items in the next weeks and months to come.

Amazon long sleeve twisted knotted tee, Amazon Cloud Clutch

Long Sleeve Twist Knot Tee [Size Medium. Runs TTS. Wearing color Coffee]  //  Butterfly Necklace  //  Cloud Clutch [Khaki – Large]  //  Hoop Earrings  //  Jeans  //  Booties [Size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

This tee comes in short sleeves and long sleeves, and is available in tons of colors.  I’ve seen the price fluctuate from $18.99 to $23.99, so I totally get why it’s a Best Seller! Not only that, but it has over 15,000 positive reviews! This is a keeper for me, and I’ll definitely be picking up a few more colors.

Amazon Sweater, Free People dupe, Jaime Cittadino fashion blogger

Sweater [Runs TTS. I sized up to a large. Exchanging for a medium]  //  Hoop Earrings  //  Jeans [run TTS]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

I like this sweater, but I’m unsure if I’ll be keeping it.  I went ahead and ordered the size Medium to see how it fits.  In addition to pairing with pants, I think it would look really cute over a maxi dress or with a skirt. It’s very similar to this sweater that I shared last year [and that I LOVE]. There are some differences between the two, but they both could pass for Free People. The sweater sweater shared last year does run oversize… I took a small.

Amazon sweater Free People lookalike sweater, stripe oversize sweater

Sweater [Runs TTS. Exchanging for a medium]  //  Jeans [run TTS]  //  Flats [run TTS]

Same sweater as the one above it.  See notes.

Amazon leopard sweater, leopard color block sweater

Leopard Sweater [Wearing 10-12, which is a Large]  //  Jeans [run TTS]  // Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

Okay, lets talk this top…. super cute pattern [I like the brown colorway better]. It does have an overall relaxed fit, but I still sized up to a large to make it more slouchy.  The spots you see in this picture is my dirty mirror FYI, not damaged clothing.  So, the sweater is not the highest quality.  While it’s only around $25, I’ve scored much higher quality items from Amazon around the same price range.  It’s not itchy, but not a soft, yummy material either.  If you do end up getting it, I would definitely recommend washing in cold water on a gentle cycle, and air drying.  I will be returning this one.  As much as I love the pattern, I live in sunny, South Florida and have to be selective on which sweaters I want to keep. This one just doesn’t make the cut!

Amazon leopard sweater fall sweater, Amazon leopard cardigan

Leopard Cardigan [size small. Runs oversize]  //  Cloud Clutch [Apricot – Large]   //  Jeans [run TTS]   //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

I shared this cardigan last year in the white color [A-white]. It is soooo soft and buttery.  I love that it’s a bit oversize without being bulky.  I see this year they have it available in buffalo plaid as well. I did go ahead and grab it in a solid black and solid beige because I love it so much!

Amazon leopard button down cardigan sweater, leopard print cardigan coat

Leopard Cardigan [size small. Runs Oversize]  //  Jeans [run TTS]    //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

This is another cardigan that was shared last September, but for some reason is slightly different than the previous version [despite it being sold from the same listing]. You’ll notice in last year’s version, there is a silver piping detail.  Everything else seems to be the same as far as the buttons, pockets, and overall fit.  It is not as soft as the leopard cardigan that doesn’t have any buttons, but it’s definitely not itchy at all.  Out of curiosity, I went ahead and reordered this exact one to see if it comes with silver piping.  I’ll be sure to update you all!

Amazon oversize stripe sweater, colorblock oversize sweater

Oversize Colorblock Sweater [size medium. Runs oversize. Exchanging for the small]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

This is another under $30 favorite from last year, but I had shared it in a green stripe, not blue.  I forgot to look at the size before ordering again this time around, and I much prefer the way the small fits me.  Therefore, I will be exchanging the medium for a small. It’s a cute sweater, and is available in 9 really great colors!

Amazon sweater striped metallic sweater

Green Stripe Sweater [Wearing a large, exchanging for a medium. Recommend getting your normal size.]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]   //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

Another under $30 sweater that is really cute.  Like so many others, I do worry about the longevity with wearing and washing, so would absolutely recommend washing in cold water [preferably inside out] and air drying.  There is some metallic detail on certain sections which is why I plan to wash it inside out and on a gentle cycle.  I tend to do that for a lot of my sweaters or more fragile clothing items, so it’s not that big of a deal for me, but wanted to make sure I brought it to your attention.  For the price, I think it’s good enough quality.  I also like that it’s not too thick, heavy, or warm.

Amazon striped sweater, oversize stripe sweater from Amazon fashion, Florida blogger Jaime Cittadino of Sunflowers and Stilettos

Stripe Sweater [Wearing a large, exchanging for a medium. Recommend getting your normal size.]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

Same sweater as the green stripe. This is the ‘pink’ color.  See notes.

Amazon paperbag pants _ high waisted work slacks, Grace Karin pants, paperbag work pants for women, Jaime Cittadino Florida fashion blogger

Cardigan [Size small, runs slightly oversize but not too baggy. Buttery soft]  //  Tank [Size small, relaxed fit, tunic length. Best tank ever!!! I wear it allllll the time!]  //  Paperbag Pants [Size Medium, runs TTS]  //  Flats [run TTS]

Lots of favorites in this outfit….

No joke, I wear this tank every single week.  I wear it to work out in, lounge around the house, to sleep in, and even to work underneath cardigans and blazers. It is AWESOME! There are more colors available, and I keep waiting for the day it comes out in solid white!

This cardigan is the same exact one as the first leopard cardigan shown above. I had mentioned grabbing it in a few solids, and this is one of them.

These are my favorite pants to wear to work, and they’re only $25!!! They also come in 27 colors!!! I own four and plan to get some more.

Amazon oversize turtleneck sweater

Oversize Turtleneck Sweater [Size small, runs oversize. Tons of great colors!]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

I really really love this sweater.  You bet I’d own it in five different colors if I still lived in New York!  It’s long enough to pair with leggings, and it’s made of a really soft material.

Amazon off shoulder oversize sweater, oversize off shoulder sweater

Oversize Off Shoulder Sweater [Wearing a medium, could have also done a small…. it runs oversize]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

Again, please excuse my dirty mirror!  I’ll try to get my act together next time, lol! This is another great basic, easy throw on and go sweater.  I could do a small or medium in this one.  There are a few more colors available.

Amazon fall sweater stripe sweater

Stripe Sweater [size small. Runs TTS to slightly oversize]  //  Busted Knees Jeans  [size up one size]  //  Booties [size up 1/2 size]  //  Area Rug  //  Fiddle Leaf

Love love the colors in this sweater.  I like that it’s a chunky sweater, but still figure flattering.

Amazon Essentials Turtleneck thin Sweater

Amazon Essentials Mockneck Turtleneck [size medium, runs TTS]  // Hoop Earrings

This mock neck turtleneck is honestly so great. And you can’t beat the price tag of $20!! Available in 11 colors, this is a must have for a true fall and winter season.


Would love your feedback on this Amazon Fashion Haul!  If you have any requests for future try ons, feel free to comment below.  And just a reminder, check out the Amazon tab for previous try ons!

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