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June 17, 2014

Shop Petal Maternity Style

Today’s post is featuring Petal, one of my favorite boutiques in Charlotte.  They have a second location in Columbia, South Carolina but if you don’t live close to either spot, there is always the convenience of shopping on their website.  The owner, Jammie and I started chatting one day about maternity clothing.  She felt a lot of her customers were hesitant to purchase non-maternity items while pregnant, which was surprising to me.  My feelings from the beginning have been that I’d like to buy as little maternity clothing as possible because who wants to spend a ton of money on items that will be worn for such a short duration?!  I swear, as soon as the words “maternity” or “bridal” are attached to something, it instantly becomes more expensive.  Obviously there are exceptions….and I’m trying my best to find affordable, cute ways to style the bump, whether it be in maternity or non-maternity clothing.  I do think this generation of Mama to Be’s are fortunate enough to have so many more options than our parents did, and I’m sure with time there will be even more of a greater selection.  Petal’s Charlotte location has a few racks of higher end designers that come with a pricier tag, but more than half of the store is less than $100, which is what we focused on for this collaboration.

Look One: Loose Top with Shorts

Maternity Fashion Maternity Style Anchor Top: $34

White Shorts: $38

Orange Necklace: $28

Wedges: $34

How cute is this top?!!  I love it and will totally wear it after Baby Cittadino’s arrival.  There are so many tunics and loose fitting tops out there that should work throughout the majority of your pregnancy.  This material isn’t stretchy at all, so I’m not sure that I’ll be wearing this particular one when I’m in my 9th month (and in 95 degree weather), but we wanted show you ways to either utilize clothes perhaps in your closet already, or give you a little guidance when shopping in regular department stores and boutiques.  Petal has a bunch of flowy tunics that would be perfect for shorts, leggings, and jeans.

I haven’t purchased maternity shorts yet, and with just 3 months to go, I’m really trying not to (but we shall see).  Shorts with an elastic waist would be most ideal. This pair happened to have a side zipper, so I wore a size larger than usual and because they were low rise I was able to make it work.


Look Two: Maxi Dress

Maternity Style Shop Petal maternity style Dress: $48

Maxi dresses are probably the easiest non-maternity item to wear while pregnant.  For this collaboration, I could have easily worn 10 different maxi dresses, but I think you get the point and we wanted to show more variety.  Look for Maxis that have some give and stretch to the material.  Having a slit may also make it easier to put on and off.  I love love love the patterns and colors in this dress!


Look Three: Tank with a Skirt

Maternity Style, Shop Petal Shop Petal maternity style White Top: $32

Maxi Skirt: $28

Scarf: $22

I love this outfit and feel like it is just as easy as throwing on a dress.  Maxi skirts are great and this one especially is so soft and comfortable!  This top was one of my favorite pieces in the entire store.  I’m obsessed with the peek-a-boo lace along the bottom!  You can pair this top with a pair of jeans and fun necklace for another easy, put together look.

Look Four: Short Dress

Shop Petal, maternity style Shop Petal, Maternity Style Dress: $48

This black and white striped dress is beyond comfortable.  I will be honest and say that I don’t find this pattern to be the most flattering on me (because all I do is stare at how huge my boobs are!!!), but this style and material are great for anyone who is expecting.

Again, the goal of this partnership with Petal was to hopefully give you some ideas when styling your bump and show you that you can purchase affordable pieces that will be worn during pregnancy and afterwards.  If you live near Charlotte or Columbia, be sure to stop by your local Petal boutique!  They get new shipments every week and the girls who work there are great!


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  • K. Elizabeth @YUMMommy June 17, 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Love the maxi dress. Will definitely have to check them out since they’re local.

  • Brooke T June 19, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    I love look 1 and 3! I also love Petal! I live in Charlotte too 😀