November Amazon Fashion Finds

November 30, 2018

November Amazon Fashion Finds, Amazon Fashion Designer Dupes

I normally don’t wait until the last day of the month to share my monthly Amazon fashion finds, but hey, better late than never, right?!

In my defense, two of the items were not Prime, and took about 3 weeks to get to me. Those same two items were what I was most eager to try on and give you guys feedback on. Because so many of you are interested in designer dupes, I went ahead and ordered a knock off Louis Vuitton belt AND Gucci belt from Amazon to see what they looked like in person.

Before I get into it, I do want to acknowledge that knock offs and designer replicas can certainly cause controversy. While I may choose to purchase real, authentic designer items, I can totally see why someone wouldn’t want to spend that kind of money on materialistic objects. I’m not here to judge or speak on either side of the matter. I simply just want to share details on items I know a lot of you are interested in.

First up, the “Louis Vuitton Belt”…

Louis Vuitton Belt, Louis Vuitton Belt replica, Amazon Louis Vuitton belt

Louis Vuitton Replica Belt [purchased the 33″-34″ and have plenty of room, so it would fit on more low waisted bottoms as well]  //  Scalloped Cami [size Med]  //  Monogram Necklace

This belt looks great in person! I believe I paid under $10 for it, and it’s now listed for under $15! I compared the coloring to my authentic Louis Vuitton bag, and the browns are ever so slightly off, but you’d never be able to tell unless you were literally putting the belt directly up against another LV damier to compare. A true side by side comparison wasn’t done, since I do not own a Louis Vuitton belt, but overall, I’d say this is a pretty amazing replica.

Amazon Gucci Belt, Gucci Belt Replica, Gucci Belt

Gucci Belt Replica [Size: Width=1.5″ / Waist: 20″ to 33″ (inches)]

This “Gucci belt” is not a perfect replica to the real Gucci Belt that I own, however, for $18, it’s not too shabby. Again, unless someone was inspecting it, and comparing it side by side to the real thing, I highly doubt they’d know it was just a replica.

snow leopard duster cardigan, Amazon cardigan, Amazon Fashion, black and white leopard cardigan

[see details here]

grey leopard duster cardigan

[see details here]

Womens Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse Tie Knot Henley Top

Waffle Knit Tunic Blouse Tie Knot Henley Top [size M, $16.99]  //  Jeans [size down one size]

This top is very similar to so many tops that I already own, however, I was in need of a black one. It was a bit scratchy when I first took it out of the package, so ended up washing it first before wearing. I like the length in the back [it covers the tush], and it’s just an easy, cute top to throw on.


The other two Amazon fashion items I picked up during November were these OTK boots in black, that look just like Stuart Weitzman lowlands, as well as this adorable $11.99 leopard iWatch band.


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