Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: All About That Grey

July 18, 2017

For someone who initially wasn’t very impressed with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, [ehem, moi], I think it’s safe to say that my access to Nordstrom online needs to be taken away from me before my husband asks for a divorce. Perhaps I scrolled too quickly in the beginning, but I somehow missed so many things that I’ve convinced myself “I need.” So, with that being said, I just checked out for the ninth time and still feel like I may go back for more. SEND HELP!

Here’s what I bought:

In my defense, these are all things I most likely would end up buying at some point over the course of the next few months at full price. Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING, but mostly everything. So, in a way I’m saving money, right?! At least that’s my story to Casey. Basic tees for under $20. Leggings for under $50. Classic booties for under $100. The yummiest throw blanket for $25. I mean, bring it on!

Today I decided to highlight some of my favorite grey pieces, since that was unintentionally the theme of today’s purchase. Grey is a go to color for me year round, and most especially in the fall. Whether worn on it’s own, or mixed with other colors, grey is like the cool kid of the family when it comes to it’s fellow neutrals. Black is sexy. Cream is chic. Blush is sweet. And grey is cool. 😉

As of 4am this morning, everything shown below was available in most sizes, but honestly, things have been changing minute to minute. My favorite jacket was sold out yesterday morning, and then restocked at some point during the day, so if there is something you are really wanting, just keep checking back and hopefully it will be restocked!

Also, keep in mind, most of these items come in other colors in case grey isn’t your thang.

Click on the image above to shop, or see details below:

1. Moto Jacket  //  2. Studded Sandals  //  3. Stacked Heel Slides  //  4. Long Coat  //  5. Booties  //  6. Long Sleeve Tee  //  7. Bell Sleeve Sweater //  8. Loafer Mule  //  9. Wallet  //  10. Blanket  //  11. Hunter Boots  //  12. Necklace  //  13. Earrings  //  14. Cardigan  //  15. Leggings  //  16. Sneakers  //  17. Bag


I rounded up some more grey favorites below. If you enjoy me highlighting this sale by color, let me know and I can do a couple of more like this. If not, I’m probably just going to post a few more categories within the next few days, like Kids & Baby, Bump Friendly Styles, and Athleisure. Please let me know if you have any specific requests in the comment section!



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