Jewelry Organization

November 7, 2013

One of my readers requested that I do a post on how I organize my jewelry.  I love recommendations, so if there is anything you want me to specifically post about, just send me an email and I’m happy to consider it!

While I dream about having a closet like Lisa Vanderpump, I utilize the little space I do have to showcase my pieces.  For me, its important to see what I own, so I actually wear it and don’t buy something that looks identical.  (Though, I do have a bad habit of buying the same item in different colors.  But, if it’s a different color then it’s not identical, so that makes it okay, right??  Right.  Thought so).  Also, they’re really pretty to look at and serve as decoration!  My apartment has 2 decent-sized walk in closets, however, there isn’t enough space to have a piece of furniture in the center to create an ‘Accessory Island’  which would be ideal.

On my nightstand, next to the bed, I have a jewelry box that stores my valuable pieces.  I totally forgot to take a pic of it, but its nothing fancy, so you’re not missing out.  I’ve made our second bedroom which is also my office, the spot to display my fun jewels.

Jewelry Display

Jewelry Organization

Coat Racks are a great way to hang necklaces and keep them from tangling with one another.  They can easily be found in Lowes, Home Depot, Target, or any home goods store.  I love the Neck Displays which were purchased from Michael’s, but they take up more space and don’t hold that many necklaces.  As you can see, I pile a bunch on each one, but if the weight is too heavy, the displays will fall forward so you have to be careful.

Necklace and Bracelet Holder Necklace and Bracelet Holder

These 2 bracelet holders are from The Container Store.  I needed to use the top part on one of them to store more necklaces.  As you can see, I really love statement necklaces :).

Jewelry Storage jewelry storage jewelry storage

Wine bottles are a fun way to display bracelets.  The porcelain hand is from HomeGoods a few years ago.  And, the earring holder is from The Container Store, which they definitely still have.

jewelry storage necklace storage necklace storage

Ignore the watches on the desk.  You’ll see their home in a sec.  The acrylic 3 drawer box is from The Container Store as well.  God, I love that place.  Most of my make up and nail polish storage is from there too.  Will show that in a future post.

watch box watch box

My brother-in-law, Josh got Casey and I this massive watch box from Gilt Groupe, that stores 24 watches!  I’m not sure if we’ll ever fill it completely, but obviously we can utilize the compartments to store more than just watches.  We keep it on top of a dresser in our bedroom, away from the woman cave.


I thought it would be annoying to keep my “stuff” in two separate rooms, but it’s not that bad and I really don’t mind it.  I constantly look in TJMaxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods for possible better storage solutions or alternatives, but haven’t found anything that would work better than how I currently have it.  I avoid Ikea as much as possible, not because I don’t like the store, but because it’s always a zoo in there.  I’m assuming they have good jewelry storage/organization options so perhaps I’ll search their website.  If you know of any other places or great finds, let me know!!!


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