How To Throw The Cutest Galentine’s Day Brunch

February 6, 2018

how to throw the cutest galentine's day brunch

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with Stephanie, Kristin, Lauren, & Nina

I am SO excited for today’s post you guys!! Life at home with a newborn [and toddler] has been amazing, tough, exciting, and exhausting. I’m grateful for this little family of mine and certainly don’t take it for granted. However, if I’m being 100% honest, I so appreciate the few moments I get for myself, whether it’s time alone or spent with friends.

Last week, my girlfriends and I got together for a cozy Galentine’s Day brunch at Kristin’s home. I love that Galentine’s Day is a legit thing, although my husband seems to think that I made it up! Any excuse to catch up with friends and eat and drink alllll the yummy things is A-OK in my book.

If you have a free upcoming afternoon, I highly recommend rounding up your best gals and inviting them over to celebrate life, love, and friendship. Here are my tips on how to throw the cutest Galentine’s Day brunch…


Have a Dress Code

Once deciding what type of party you want to have [cozy vs fancy], make sure to tell your friends the dress code so everyone can be on the same page. For our Galentine’s Day brunch, we opted for the cozy route and all wore Valentine’s Day themed pajamas and loungewear. I love any excuse for a themed party! And, to have a themed party that allows for slippers over high heels, well that makes me one very happy girl!


Bring On The Decor

Stop by your local Walmart, Dollar Store, Party City, or my favorite… Target, and get all the Valentine’s Day things. From balloons and garlands to mugs and napkins… you can even get real #EXTRA and update your home with some cute blankets and pillows.

Have a Hot Cocoa Bar 

If you have a bar cart, deck it out with hot chocolate fixings. Don’t have a bar cart? No problem! Just designate a space on the counter or table instead. We each brought our favorite Valentine’s Day mug and enjoyed delicious hot cocoa with loads of heart shaped marshmallows.


Say YES to Sweets and Treats

Because you’re with your close girlfriends, take advantage of the no judgement zone, and enjoy some sweets and treats. We each contributed by bringing donuts, cupcakes, macarons, cookies, chocolates, and rosé [topped with cotton candy].


Don’t Forget the Food

While we had enough sweets to last a lifetime, we ordered in pizza to have something a little more substantial than straight up sugar. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to ask all of your guests to bring in a dish or appetizer [instead of or in addition to the sweets].


Relax and Enjoy

Sometimes hosting parties can be stressful. Don’t let that happen here. This is supposed to be fun and care free. As we get older, our spare time becomes shorter and shorter, so be sure to spend it with people who lift you up and make you laugh so hard your belly hurts!

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