Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids

December 9, 2016

Here’s my Holiday Gift Guide for the Kids…

I’m apologizing in advance if any of the below items are no longer available. As you can imagine, things sell out rather quickly this time of year, but I made sure to provide additional items under each photo collage, which you’ll see as you scroll down. Just click on each photo to be redirected to its site.

Shopping for little girls is so fun, isn’t it? My go to places for Harley’s clothing are GAP and Old Navy. They sell adorable, affordable clothing that wears and washes well. I also find most of their items to be more soft compared to brands in the same price range. Ever since Harley was a baby, she’s been sporting these two brands, and while we venture out at times to Nordstrom, Bloomies, and local boutiques, I’d say 70% of her wardrobe comes from both those stores. Actually, I’m lying…. we also like H&M and Zara.

If you need a baby gift, check out this onesie. I wish it came in my size! Last year, my Mother-In-Law got Harley these boots that are just the cutest! Something like this could make a great stocking stuffer! Honestly, Harley gets excited for anything…. even just a pretty wrapped box! Haha!! She also loves her Peppa books and “reads” them to me every night after Casey or I read them to her. Clearly she can’t read yet, but having her try is pretty cute! Check out some more gift ideas for girls:

And now for the boys…

I have two nephews and almost all of my close friends have boys, so I’ve definitely done my fair share of buying gifts for the little dudes. I’m weak for designer jeans on baby boys. I don’t know why, but I just think it’s the cutest thing ever! And you know the obsession is real with Freshly Picked moccasins and Nike sneaks [for both genders]. My nephews could care less about clothes though and get more excited for things they can build or throw around. BUT, if anyone is shopping for a boy that fits into a 3T or 4T, can you PLEASE get them this faux leather jacket?! Ugh, I die…. he’d be the coolest kid around. If you’re looking for something in size 3-24 months, get this set. It’s so comfy and cute! Here are some more ideas:

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  • Jessica December 9, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    These are all such great gift ideas! I am sure your daughter will love all of these!
    xo Jessica

  • vietnam hair December 12, 2016 at 4:14 am

    Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ruthie Ridley December 25, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    My girls and my son would look amazing in allll of this!! Great picks!!! XO