Holiday Gift Guide: Home & Travel

November 24, 2015

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Today’s Holiday Gift Guide is featuring home and travel items, but I guess you knew that from the title. [Thank you Captain Obvious]. I have always loved getting everything from yummy smelling candles to a cappuccino maker, to beautiful wine glasses and even luggage! My 23 year old self is rolling her eyes at me for saying that, but I swear, having a good luggage set with all of the traveling we do has been life changing!! Ha! When buying gifts for people, I really do my best to not only get something they hopefully like, but something that can either be useful to them or something that they’d probably never splurge on themselves. Casey once got me a bunch of throw pillows from West Elm [one of my favorite home stores] for Chanukah and I was ecstatic! Aside from the fact that he HATES throw pillows, I could never justify spending my own money to update my couch for no reason at all, so it really was a nice surprise.

Here are more gift ideas:

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