Harley’s First Birthday Giveaway!!!

September 3, 2015

baby girl first birthday picture

How is it that my baby is ONE YEAR OLD?!!!  I remember that day like it was yesterday…

Harley’s original due date was the 17th of September and my doctor kept telling me that she’d put money on me having her early.  My weekly MD appointment was on Thursday of that week, but Tuesday [September 2nd] I woke up convinced that my water broke, so went in for an unscheduled appointment.  The physician who was On Call that day only confirmed that I peed myself and my water absolutely did NOT break [which was so fun updating everyone and their mother with that information].  In addition, while reviewing my chart, she also informed me that my Due Date was the 13th, NOT 17th.  I realize the percentage of people who have their baby on the actual due date is very small, so it’s not that important, BUT when your family lives out of state and you’re moving into a new apartment and your doctor keeps telling you you’re going early, a few days can make a big difference when it comes to planning.  Apparently it had been moved up a few days after one of the ultrasounds, but no one told me!!  I re-packed for the hospital the second I got home, which was then followed by a restless night staring at my ceiling, thinking “oh shit, this is really happening” and cognitively reviewed my overwhelming To Do List.

At 3:10am, a rush of water came pouring out [sorry if this is TMI] and since I was wide awake and have zero incontinence issues I knew this time, my water really broke.  So I took my last “Bump Day” selfie and waited for the contractions to come in.

38 weeks pregnant pic

Nothing.  Absolutely freaking nothing.  I pulled up the previous night’s google search in my phone: “how to tell if your water broke?”  After reading 30+ articles and forums I felt more confused then ever, so decided to wait for the doctor’s office to open.  They recommended I come in again to only confirm that my water did not break.  WTF?!!  My conversations following the appointment went something like this… “Hi Mom/[sub name]…nope.  My water didn’t break.  Just peed on myself again.  I’m going back to work. Love you, bye.”

Around 3pm I started to not feel well.  I work from home and told my manager, Kim that I needed to lay down for a little bit.  Even though I was wearing sweats, I was freezing and my body was so achy.  I was supposed to get a mani/pedi after work with my good friend, Kendra [because I wanted to be prepared and have my hands look pretty in the hospital pics of me holding my baby], but canceled on her.  The doctor’s office told me my symptoms were non labor related and I was probably coming down with a bug that had been going around.  Casey had called to check in on me and said he was going to cancel his next meeting and come home since he was an hour away.

6:45pm – HELLO CONTRACTION.  I practically fell to my knees in pain.  Called Casey who was sitting in bumper to bumper traffic in the pouring rain, still 30 minutes away.  I literally got on all fours and squirmed around trying to get comfortable.  After speaking to my Mom who was frantically searching for flights from Florida to Charlotte and having the most frustrating conversation with the On Call Nurse [the one who told me my symptoms were NON LABOR RELATED], Casey comes storming in.

Casey: “Is this for real?  Are you in labor?”

Me: “If I’m not in labor then I’m F—ING DYING!”

Casey: [full on panic mode] “Do I have time to poop?  I’ll be quick, I promise.”

Me:  [after giving him the “are you effing kidding me” look] “Um, I guess??”

Once he finished his business, the panic quickly subsided and he impressively went into “take charge” mode.  He practically carried me down the stairs and into the car because I could barely stand/walk on my own.  We arrived to the hospital a little after 8pm.  It pissed me off how calm and un-phased the hospital staff was.  I know they see this a million times, but there was no sense of urgency at all.  I quickly asked for the epidural and the response I got was, “Sweety, you’re not even admitted into a room yet.  We have to check to see if your contractions are real.”

Um, I’m sorry… this is questionable?  WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!

I was then asked to rate my pain on a scale of 1 to 10.


[Now keep in mind, I have a pretty high tolerance for pain.  I’m really not one to complain or be overdramatic whenever I’ve had surgery, broken/fractured bones, or any other intense injuries.]

They shortly confirmed my contractions were real and I was dilated 3 cm.

About 9:30pm we were finally admitted in a room and were told to get cozy. The nurse explained that people usually dilate a centimeter an hour and I wouldn’t start pushing until I was 9 cm.  I only asked for the epidural 8 times before the Anesthesiologist came strolling in.  Shortly after that, the nurse checked on me and told me I was ready to start pushing!  Casey and I looked at each other with such confusion because we honestly didn’t think we would have a baby until the next day.  In comes Dr. Bohmer, the same guy I had seen that morning in the office [since he was the scheduled On Call MD for the practice].

Me:  “See, I told you my water broke.”

He chuckled and went on to inform me that I did in fact urinate on myself before because he was breaking my water in that moment.  He left the room and the Nurse took over.  Oh, and I failed to mention that this entire time, I was shaking like a crack addict going through withdrawals.  Apparently labor shakes are a common thing??  Anyway, after some “practice” pushes, she called him back in because it was go time.  I think I pushed for maybe 25 minutes and at 11:24pm, my beautiful baby girl was crying on my chest and it was the most crazy, emotional, indescribable feeling in the world!

Harley newborn

Casey and Harley

Harley hospital pic

Harley Liv Cittadino

So, in honor of Harley’s Birthday, we are hosting this giveaway with a few other fabulous brands!  Harley has brought me nothing but pure joy and becoming a Mom has been the best thing to ever happen to me!

This giveaway is open to US Residents only.  Enter Here:

Harley’s First Birthday Giveaway!!!

Good Luck!


Love, Jaime signature


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  • Jo September 3, 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Jaim- loves reading this story and felt like I can hear you saying it! Also, I can attest to your ridiculous pain tolerance since the same surgery (which shall remain unnamed) that had me laid up on pain killers for daaaayys, had you shopping the next day. Remind me to never base the level of pain related to an experience on you!

  • Amanda Testani September 3, 2015 at 4:46 pm

    Happy Birthday Harley and happy 1st year of “mommyhood” Jaime! Your daughter is absolutely beautiful. Enjoy this next phase and new year because i can promise you it goes even faster but it is seriously so much fun!!

  • Dagmar September 3, 2015 at 9:39 pm

    My best friend has a daughter Brooklyn who is 7 months old and she’s so adorable!!! She’s got such a personality it’s so cute lol

  • Andi September 4, 2015 at 2:09 pm


  • Sandy Reischer September 8, 2015 at 11:55 am

    OMG! I love labor stories! This one had me laughing… so thanks for that! 😉 I was hoping to enter the giveaway because I am OB-SESSED with all the items that Harley is obsessed with, but because I’m connected to Canadian internet, it’s not going to let me. Oh well.. 🙂 I still loved reading your story. Happy belated birthday to little Harley! She’s adorable!! xoxo