Friday Five: Edition Two

October 5, 2018

Happy first Friday of October!! HOW in the world is it October already?! Does anyone else feel like this has been the quickest year ever?! I certainly feel that way. I keep telling people “I just had a baby,” however, baby Elie is officially NINE MONTHS OLD!!! I can’t get over it!!

Anyway, I’m bringing back Friday Five. For now it’ll be the first Friday of every month. As mentioned before, I’d love to include/feature one of you guys as part of this round up, so if there is anything you’d love to share – a favorite recipe, time saving tip, mom hack, DIY project, ANYTHING, please email me []. And THANK YOU!!!

Okay, so here it goes. Today’s Friday Five:



clean Beauty, Beauty Counter, Lawless Beauty

Clean Beauty: If you follow along on Instastories, then many of you may remember when I had an eye infection end of August/early September. For almost two weeks, my eyes were complete water works, especially when wearing make up [even just face make up! Not necessarily eye make up]. The ONLY brand that seemed to not have a poor affect on my eyes at the time was Beauty Counter, a toxic free, clean beauty line. Naturally, I was intrigued, so purchased a ton of items from the line.

My skin feels INSANELY SOFT, and even the “chicken skin” [Keratosis pilaris – a condition I’ve had my entire life] on my arms have improved like crazy! Their make up has pleasantly surprised me and battles some of my other favorite beauty brands that I’ve been using for years. Here’s my favorite products so far:

For the face…

Brightening Face Oil – This is my #1 recommendation to EVERYONE! Combine this with your nighttime moisturizer, and your skin will feel [and look] incredible!

Recovery Sleeping Cream – My new favorite nighttime moisturizer

Hydrating Foundation – LOVE this foundation for an every day, medium coverage. I wear the color Linen, and lately I’ve been mixing it with a drop of Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi. You guys, this combo is AMAZING!!  I am completely obsessed!!

Classic Eyeshadow Palette – No exaggeration, I have worn this palette DAILY for the past month. So many great daytime looks AND nighttime looks can be achieved with this palette. Stay tuned for a Fall Wedding Make Up Tutorial that I’ll be sharing soon.

Bronzer – I wear shade Dune, and it’s the perfect color for my sin tone. It’s very natural, but buildable at the same time. Another product I’ve been wearing daily for the past month.

For the body… these three things have completely changed my super dry skin:

Body Cleanser

Body Lotion

Body Oil

If you are pregnant or a nursing mom, this is a line you definitely want to check out! Also, they have an entire baby and kids line that people rave about. I just ordered several things, so will report back after using them.



Bento Box Lunches, Bento Box

Bento Box: Picked up these Bento Boxes from Amazon, and you guys…. they’re such a game changer! They help making lunches fun and creative, and portioned out!



Faster Way To Fat Loss, FWTFL

Faster Way To Fat Loss: It’s been two weeks on this program, and I’m feeling great! I’m so excited to see my results at the end of the six weeks, even though I plan to continue this program afterwards. I could go into detail on what it is exactly, but all the information you could possibly need and want is outlined clearly on the website here. If you have been struggling to get your health in check, I could not recommend this more! Next round starts October 15th. Who’s joining me?!!!



Affordable Cozy Home Updates, Target Finds Home Decor

Hey There Pumpkin doormat, Fall Door mat

Cozy & Affordable Home Updates For Fall: Decorating for seasons and holidays is super fun, but can also get quite expensive. Honestly, our home isn’t 100% decorated since moving in OVER A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, so its hard to justify seasonal decor purchases. Target has some really cute fall decor items, along with Home Goods, that won’t break the bank. Check out some of my recent purchases below:



Erin Condren Life Planner, Teacher Planner, Best Daily Planner

Erin Condren Life Planner: I am naturally VERY unorganized, but between working two jobs, being a mom to two little ones, focusing on fitness and healthy eating, and also trying to maintain some kind of social life whenever possible, it would be disastrous to not have something that is keeping me in line. For some reason, I hate using my iPhone Calendar, and much prefer writing things down. The Life Planner by Erin Condren is now my bible. I rely on it for EVERYTHING – work dead lines, bill due dates, meetings, birthday parties, fitness classes… I even jot down what we’re having for dinner, which helps me make sure to get everything I need at the grocery store. I LOVE THIS THING!!!

Currently, they have their “Buy More, Save More” Sale! Today through 10/9, automatically receive $10 off orders over $50, $15 off orders over $60 and $20 off orders over $75!

They also have so many styles and designs to choose from. Check it out!!

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