Cool Gifts For Your Parents or In-Laws

November 16, 2018

I’ll be honest… I hate shopping for my parents. They’re so hard to shop for!! They’re also so different from my in-laws. My dad likes to golf. My father-in-law likes smoking cigars and riding his Harley. My mom likes her manis and pedis and could care less about material things like clothes, shoes, and bags. And then there’s my mother-in-law, who’s a shopper, and likes all the things. They literally could not be more opposite!

To anyone who has a mom like mine, don’t lose hope. Think about something that she really loves. Something that really brings her joy…

For my mom, there’s nothing that makes her happier than her grandchildren. So, one year, I [along with my siblings] chipped in to get her a very beautiful 14K White Gold necklace from a jeweler, that is personalized with her grandkids’ names. It’s a gorgeous, thin chain, and has these small circle charms with each name engraved.  More charms can easily be added as the family grows.

Also, consider buying tickets to a concert or sports game if that’s something you think one or both parents would enjoy. One year Casey took his dad to a Giants vs. Cowboys game IN DALLAS. To this day, he still talks about how much fun they had, and what a great experience it was.

Anyway, below are a few of my favorite cool gifts for your parents or in-laws that will hopefully go over well!


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  1. BeautyCounter Limited Edition Best of BeautyCounter Set: Spoil your mom AND mother-in-law with this amazing skincare set. I use all four of these products on a regular basis, and can not speak highly enough about them! If you or they are not familiar with Beautycounter, just rest assure that you are gifting high quality, toxic free products that PERFORM. Not all clean ingredient products are created equal, and these are AMAZING, even for people with super sensitive skin.
  2. Wine Wiz Bottle Opener: The BEST $12 you will ever spend!!!! I am not joking! This thing is freaking awesome! It’s a fool proof, easy way to open up wine bottles. You will never split a cork again! And did I tell you it’s only $12, BECAUSE IT’S ONLY $12!!!!
  3. Men’s UGG Slippers: I’ll never stop recommending UGG Slippers. My Father-In-Law wears his all the time. Casey has them too. Yes, there are other brands that look similar and might be more affordable, but if you can, splurge on UGGs.
  4. Kendra Scott Sophia Drop Earrings: These not too heavy, not too large statement earrings are the perfect “mom gift.” While it might not be something she wears every day, it’s a great pair of earrings to have for days or nights she feels like looking a little more special and dressy.
  5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket: The coziest gift of them all! If you’ve never owned a Barefoot Dreams item, well, I’m sorry to tell you, but, you are missing out on life. Yep, yep… I know I sound dramatic. Whether it’s a cardigan, blanket, robe, whatever… if it’s Barefoot Dreams, it’s a winner.
  6. Cigar Travel Case w/ Cutter: This is for those of you who have father in laws like mine.
  7. Contigo Travel Mug: My Father-In-Law recently retired, but prior to that, he commuted to NYC from Long Island every day. Now, he could use this while walking the dog on cold winter days.
  8. Skinnytaste Book: I just got this recipe book and am loving it!!!
  9. Diffuser: This is one of the prettier diffusers I’ve seen. Even if your mom or mother-in-law isn’t on the essential oil bandwagon, this will help make their home smell great, in addition to providing other benefits. I think it’s a cool gift to give, and probably something they wouldn’t buy for themselves. I’m actually getting this diffuser for my mom AND myself. [If buying this as a gift, also get an essential oils starter kit [#12]].
  10. Cigar Humidor Cigar Box: Again, for those cigar loving Dads.
  11. Women’s UGG Slippers: As mentioned above, UGGs are the way to go if you’re looking for something around that price point. Of course, if you’re looking for a less expensive option, there are tons of places that sell really cute slippers. I am currently obsessing over my $20 Target ones!
  12. Essential Oils: Young Living and DoTerra are probably the two most popular brands when it comes to essential oils. If you don’t know anyone who sells those brands, or if you’re just looking for something to gift along with the Diffuser [#9], I’d say start with this set from Amazon.
  13. Nice Shot Golf Glove: When I saw this I immediately showed Casey, and was like, “I’m getting this for my Dad.” They golf together every weekend, so I can only picture my Dad giving Casey the finger. If your dad likes golf and has a good sense of humor, get him this!
  14. Adidas Boost Golf Shoes: Another gift for a golfer, but this one is a little nicer than the “F U” glove posted above! These golf shoes look legit, and the style would probably work for men of any age.
  15. Echo Smart Speaker:I always say that the Echo, or Alexa makes a really nice gift for anyone! You might have to help set it up if your parents aren’t the most tech savvy, but it’s a solid gift!


Would love to hear your favorite go to gifts for your parents or in-laws in the comments below!


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