Color Crushing on Something Blue

March 9, 2015

Something Blue Sunflowers and Stilettos

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I am totally crushing on all of these gorgeous blue hues!  They can obviously be worn year round, but the lighter blues are super pretty and perfect for Spring {which can’t come soon enough}.  Cobalt is one of my favorite colors and I love it paired with turquoise, hot pink and other vibrant shades.

I wish I had somewhere to wear this ASOS dress to. It’s a classy, but sexy silhouette.  Would be perfect for a bridal shower or a Sunday day wedding in the Spring and Summer.  I can totally picture myself having tea with Lisa Vanderpump in this dress next time I’m in Beverly Hills, ha!  Anyone wanna join me??  🙂 {I know, I’m a dork}.  And this Naven dress is just perfection!  Would totally want to wear this to a Bachelorette Party, Vegas weekend, birthday in NYC, night out on South Beach, or out to dinner while on vacation.  I wore two Naven dresses on my Bachelorette weekend and loved everything about them; the color, fit, quality – everything.

As much as I love all of the items pictured above, the two things I am debating on buying are those killer Steve Madden heels {which I own in tan, but clearly “need” the blue ones also} and the silly, but cute “Less Thinking More Drinking” tee from Nordstrom.  I’m a sucker for tees and sweatshirts that have quirky or cheesy sayings on em!  Both have my name written all over it!!


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