Bump Day – 36 Weeks

August 20, 2014

Sunday was exactly a month until Baby C’s Due Date! I really can’t believe the end is near!!  I have so many mixed feelings at this point.  I’m happy.  I’m excited.  So ready.  So NOT ready.  Everyone keeps asking if I’m nervous, which I really haven’t been…but now thinking of it, perhaps I am a little nervous too!  Since our life has been nothing but chaos these last two years (beautiful chaos, but chaos nonetheless), Casey and I are moving to a new place FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE DUE DATE!!!  It’s 10 minutes from where we are now, and technically we have our current apartment until the first week of October, but lets just say the next month is going to be interesting for sure!!  I am super excited to move though and get settled in our new home which will have plenty of space for the three of us, and of course I can’t wait to decorate and FINALLY set up the nursery!

36 Week Update:  Baby C has been in position (head down) for awhile now and my OB/GYN says she is VERY low (as in she could feel her head from a quick internal exam. (Sorry if this is TMI)).  Doc was surprised that I wasn’t complaining more about feeling tons of pressure and discomfort.  I definitely do feel some, but assumed this was normal for being 9 months pregnant.  I’m also 50% effaced.  To give a brief explanation (because I myself had no idea what that meant), as women’s bodies prepare for labor, the cervix thins out (effacement) and opens up (dilation) making room for the baby to come out.  Dilation is measured in centimeters and Effacement is measured by a percentage.   When the cervix is 100% effaced (completely thinned out) and 10 centimeters dilated, the baby is a comin’!  The changes can happen either slowly over a period of time or almost immediately, so there is truly no way of knowing if I will go into labor early, late or right on time with just this information alone.  Tomorrow I get my final Ultrasound so will hopefully learn more about Baby C.

In addition to officially being 9 months preggers, Sunday was my Charlotte Baby Shower, hosted by two amazing women, Kate and Kendra (from Dress Your Guests).

Sunflowers and Stilettos baby shower

They truly did such an amazing job and I’m so lucky to call them my friends!

Baby Shower Inspiration

Sunflowers and Stilettos baby shower

Baby Shower Cupcake Station

Baby Shower Champagne Bar

Sunflowers and Stilettos Baby Shower

Sunflowers and Stilettos and B Soup

Sunflowers and Stilettos baby shower

Sunflowers and Stilettos Baby Shower

I wish I had taken more pictures of everyone who came and also of the ridiculously cute details throughout the room.  My favorite was the DIY Onesie Station!  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Kate and Kendra for EVERYTHING!!!

Tomorrow, another Giveaway will be taking place so stay tuned!!!!

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  • Emma August 20, 2014 at 10:35 am

    I’m so excited to hear of Baby C’s arrival!! The Charlotte Shower was great – Kendra & Kate did an amazing job! xo,

  • Andi August 21, 2014 at 12:13 pm

    So happy I was there!!! You’re going to make the most amazing mom. Can’t wait to see your beautiful daughter in person.