Bump Day – 32 Weeks

July 23, 2014

32 Weeks Pregnant 32 Weeks Pregnant 32 Weeks Pregnant

Two more months to go and Baby C is the size of a honeydew!  Even though her body is just about totally formed, she is still going through a period of extremely rapid growth.  Her brain and lungs still have a little more work do to.  She is about 4 pounds and 19 inches long at this point.  The nonstop traveling has become more annoying than difficult.  I still feel great and for the most part comfortable, but all I want to do is be home and nest!!  Surprise, surprise – I leave for New York tomorrow and will be there almost two weeks.  After that trip, I am DUNZO – or at least until after she is born.

- Sunflowers and Stilettos blog

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