Bump Day – 28 Weeks

June 25, 2014

28 weeks pregnant

We’re in the home stretch with only a third left to go!  Baby C has been VERY active these days.  Her kicks and punches are getting stronger and stronger, and as she grows it is more difficult for her to move so easily around in there (which means I can feel all of her movements).  She’s blinking, coughing, sucking, hiccuping, dreaming and taking practice breaths.  Her fat layers are continuing to form and her bones are nearly developed, though they are still soft.  Casey and I opted not to get a 3D ultrasound done.  For some reason, it freaks me out a little bit!  I think the technology these days is incredible and understand why people would want to take advantage of it, but I kind of think all fetuses and newborns look like aliens or old Asian men… so we’re just gonna wait and see what she looks like in person.

Saw the Doctor this morning.  She said everything is looking great.  My iron is on the lower side, but still in the safe range so I’m going to keep an eye on that and maybe add more red meat and artichokes into my diet and continue to eat tons of dark, leafy greens and egg yolks.  She said it may contribute to being more tired and not having much energy, but I honestly feel fine.  Weight gain so far is 18 lbs, which is normal and healthy, but I’m really starting to not recognize my own reflection or seeing myself in photos.  I know it is all for a good reason!

Baby C and I returned from New York Monday evening and will be going to South Florida tonight, while Casey is still in New York or Boston or Philly or wherever the heck he is.  It is seriously not normal how much we travel and I just can’t keep up anymore!  At least when we do return home to Charlotte, it’s like Christmas (or Chanukah) every time!!!  Thank you friends and family for spoiling Baby C!!!  Pretty sure her wardrobe is already more impressive than mine 🙂



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