Bump Day – 21 Weeks

May 7, 2014

21 weeks pregnant

Happy Bump Day!  Not many changes since last week, except I can now feel Baby C move!!!  This past Sunday night was the first time I felt her for a significant amount of time.  I keep putting my hand on my stomach hoping that triggers her movement, but she seems to be doing things at her own pace which is fine with me.  I’m sure soon enough her cute, little flutter movements will become full-fledged kicks and nudges!  Her eyebrows and eyelids are now present.  She swallows a bit of amniotic fluid each day for nutrition and hydration, and she may be able to develop a taste for the food I eat at this point and going forward which is pretty cool.  The more I learn, the more in awe I become of this whole process.  It truly is so amazing!!!  A lot of people are asking us what her name is, but we’re choosing not to share it publicly until she’s in our arms, so until then, she is still just Baby C.  We are 100% set on her name though and I LOVE it (obviously)!!!


A few people on Facebook shared this story, and I promise it is a must see!



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  • Stephanie May 7, 2014 at 1:39 pm

    Cute as always. Love to watch your bump grow!