Bump Day – 19 Weeks

April 23, 2014


baby girl gender reveal Sunflowers and Stilettos baby girl gender reveal

Pink is the one color that lacks in my wardrobe!

Sunflowers and Stilettos

Sunflowers and Stilettos

Photo Credit: Andi Perullo

Dress: Petal  //  Necklace: Michelle Money Similar  // Nailpolish: Essie, Mint Candy Apple


 I am still in shock that we are having a girl!!!  Actually, I’m lying.  I’m just really, really excited!!  Casey on the other hand has needed some time to let it sink in, but I know he’s gonna be such a mush when she’s here!  Since we first found out we were pregnant, I had been stating that we were having a boy (against what everyone else was telling us), but the night before our doctor’s appointment, I had a dream that she was a girl.  Like it couldn’t have been any more clear.  So I woke up that morning and just knew.  So weird how that happens!  The appointment was rather long as the Sonogram Tech started with the brain and worked her way down the entire body, measuring every body part and organ and snapping a gazillion pictures.  Half the time I had no idea what we were looking at until she told us (because baby girl was moving a ton), but she and our Doc said everything looked perfect and they currently have no concerns, which is all I care about.

19 weeks pregnancy update chalkboard

As I did my usual Google search to find as much information as possible on a 19 week fetus, I stumbled across a heartbreaking, but touching story.  To some things up, a woman (and her family) lost their child on the 19th week of the pregnancy.  The family wanted to see the baby for closure and to share their story.  I know there are people who don’t consider a baby in the womb to be an actual person until birth.  I am certainly not here to have a discussion, debate, or even express my personal thoughts on the matter, but was so intrigued by the incredible photos of this baby and wanted to share in case anyone else was curious what he looked like at 19 weeks.  Click here to see them.  Seeing these photos makes it even more difficult and annoying to compare the size of Baby C to a fruit or vegetable, because clearly she looks like a real baby…just a really tiny one.  Last week she weighed a total of 9 ounces (which is scary because I have gained 7 lbs).   Her heart rate was 150 bpm, and she is being compared to the size of a mango this week.  I am patiently waiting to feel her move!

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  • Andi April 23, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    I love these pics of you! Such a beautiful mama to be!!! Your daughter is going to be soooo loved!!!