Bump Day – 17 Weeks

April 9, 2014

17 weeks pregnancy update

A lot of people have commented that my stomach is still “small,” so I decided to take my “Bump Day” pic the night before so you can see for sure there is a baby in my belly!  I flew in late last night to New York and have work meetings all day today and tomorrow, so am going to be rather brief this morning.  I’ve been in Florida, Charlotte, and New York in the past 2 weeks so Baby C hasn’t slowed down my traveling one bit!    Last week I got to hear the little boo’s heart beat!!  He or She (we find out so soon!!!!) is over 5 inches long and is about the size of an onion or sweet potato.  I hate comparing my child to a fruit or vegetable A) because the baby isn’t shaped the same and B) how the heck am I supposed to eat an onion or sweet potato this week??!!  And I LOVE sweet potatos, but for the time being, I can’t look at them the same way!!  Unfortunately there aren’t many other comparisons out there so it is what it is.  (Since I have pregnant brain now, I’ll forget about this soon enough and be back to eating my damn sweet potato)!  I am still feeling beyond wonderful and am SO thankful for that!!!

- Sunflowers and Stilettos blog

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