Bump Day – 15 Weeks

March 26, 2014

15 weeks pregnancy

 Baby Update: Baby C is about 4 inches long, the size of a navel orange.  Compared to last week, he or she is moving a lot more (may be having a dance party in there) and possibly hiccuping.  Not knowing the gender is driving me crazy!  We find out in 3 weeks!!!  A month or two ago Casey randomly decided that he didn’t want to know if we were having a boy or girl until the birth.   Um, say whatttt??!!!!  There are plenty of people who wait and want it to be a surprise (and there is nothing wrong with that), but that’s just not me.  I want to know everything possible about our baby.  I’d also like to stop referring to Baby C as an “it” – and call “it” a him or her (I have no preference btw).  We have names picked out for both genders, but again, I just want to know which one it is!  So after me politely asking him about a hundred times if he’s changed his mind, he finally told me last week that he’d love to know the gender and will happily find out with me when the opportunity comes.  Good boy, Casey…good boy.

Diet & Exercise:  I started taking a weekly Barre/Pilates class, which I absolutely love!!  It’s crazy how the slightest movements, with hardly any resistance can be so challenging and effective.  Years ago I used to be hooked on several of Tracy Anderson’s at home video workouts, and a lot of the movements remind me of that.  Perhaps I should start adding her videos into my weekly routine.  If you have tried the Tracy Anderson ‘Pregnancy Project’ workout, please please email me and let me know your opinion!  I’m curious how it varies from the ones I already have.  The goal is to strength/weight train 4 days a week, plus cardio.  I am really focusing on core strength and will be meeting with a trainer twice a week starting next week to get me back on track.  Met with a Nutritionist this morning who informed me that although I eat the right things, I’m not eating enough and as a result, can end up gaining more weight than wanted since my body is burning muscle not fat.  Obviously I want my baby and myself to be as healthy as possible, so starting today will certainly be eating more frequent, complete meals.  She also told me to add more grains into my diet, and in return I told her she’s my new best friend because I love me some carbs.

Wishing everyone a very happy bump, I mean hump day!!


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