10 Best Neutral Flats For Fall

August 31, 2017

10 Best Neutral Flats for Fall

For years I fought wearing flats. I thought they were unflattering…making me look short and frumpy. Now, I have done a complete 180, and am flats obsessed! They’re seriously starting to battle my heels collection! Like anything else, you have your classics along with trendier items. I’ve incorporated both in today’s 10 Best Neutral Flats for Fall post. Here they are:


Studded Flats: These Kaitlyn Pan Pointed Toe Flats are probably the best Valentino dupes out there. They’re made very well, come in over 20 color options, and are about 1/12th of the designer price. They’re trendy, they’re fun, and they’re edgy yet classy at the same time.


Bow Slides: How stinkin’ CUTE are these bow slides? They’re like a re-invented version of what my great grandmother wore many moons ago. Is grandma chic a thing? If not, it totally should be!


Leopard Slides or Flats: First of all, leopard is definitely a neutral! And second of all, I truly believe every woman should own a pair of leopard flats. Whether they’re rounded toe, pointed toe, a slide, or regular closed flat, get yourself a pair! You will be surprised by how many things you can wear them with!


Capri Mule: I own this shoe in both the tan and grey, and can not begin to tell you how much I love them! These mules are elegant and simple, and by far my go to flat.


Ballet Flats: The three most popular ballet flats that I can think of are these Yosi Samara ones, Tieks, and the Tory Burch Revas. They’re the most classic and modest style.


Slip On Loafers: I love that these shoes are a feminine version of a classic masculine style. The tassels make them a bit preppy [not in a bad way!].


Loafer Mules or Shoes: Similar to the pair listed above, these loafer mules are a spin off of the traditional men’s dress shoe. Thanks to Gucci, they’ve become a common go-to for the millennial woman. They’re classic and equally cool. I love the closed heel version as well as the mules.


Pointed Toe Suede Flats: I find the pointed toe helps elongate the legs more so than the rounded toe. So, if you’re looking for a classic, simple style, but are not 100% sold on the ballet flat, try a non-frilly pointed toe flat like these Sam Edelman ones.


Lace-Up Flats: Last summer/fall, lace-up flats became really popular. I prefer a pointy toe lace-up like these Steve Madden ones. I may or may not own them in three colors!


Pointed Toe Leather Flats: I suppose I could have just said “Pointed Toe Flats” versus separating the suede and leather styles, but there’s just something about these shoes that I adore, and I feel like I needed to highlight them. Regardless of the actual price tag, these look “expensive” to me. They’re sophisticated and elegant, and very European.


What are your favorite style flats? Tell me in the comments below!


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